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Decentralizing the critical metal refining market by leveraging our modular, low-cost, co-locable, and high-efficiency bio-magnetic technology

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Our Mission

We aspire to implement a closed-loop recycling model that not only mitigates capital and operational costs but also incorporates compact, off-the-shelf hardware, facilitating convenient co-location of refining facilities near our partners. This strategic placement addresses the prevailing logistical challenges in the market. Furthermore, our approach prioritizes sustainability by significantly reducing the usage of hazardous chemicals, setting it apart from existing technologies



Our innovative process uses a unique selective metal recovery with molecular recognition technology for each metal contained in the solution, we don't use high amounts of hazardous acids like hydrometallurgy

  • Selective molecular attraction for each metal contained in the feedstock

  • Small and modular facility: 80% reduction in CAPEX

  • Reusable raw material to decrease Opex.

  • 5X increase in productivity per time vs. hydro.

  • Energy Efficient by running low-temperature leaching

  • GHG emission reducción. Green and bio-technology.

  • Modular and co-locable hardware

Modular and Co-Locable

A straightforward three-stage cyclical process aimed to reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

High-Quality Output

We have the capability to deliver various high-quality battery-grade products tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Ultra-High metal Binding affinity

Our molecular recognition complex (ALK) selectively attracts a specific metal ion aiming a very high first pass recovery rate

Bio&Green Tech.

By utilizing organic acids and magnetism, we can achieve zero contamination and zero waste.

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